• I am not a good person

    by  • November 1, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 1 Comment

    I am hateful. I hated him for a long time. I hated him for her, but mostly, I hated him for me.
    I am selfish. I pretend I’m not, but I’m good at pretending.
    I am deceitful. I’ve lied to them, to him, to her, and to myself most of all.
    I am spiteful. I thrive on the thought of revenge, if only in my head.
    I am jealous. I want everything that they have, yet silently rebuke them for it all.
    I am egocentric. I think I am the one who has it all figured out.
    I am untrustworthy. I’ve told the world their secrets and used them to my advantage.
    I am lazy. I don’t work hard but demand respect.
    I am cynical. I pretend to trust, to feel, but I close myself off from the world.
    I am not a good person.

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    1. lilgreenwarrior
      November 1, 2011 at 2:30 am

      We all feel these things and do these things to some degree. you are not a bad person, your simply human.



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