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    Dear Friends,

    I would just like to say, thanks. Thank you for leaving me when something better comes along. It’s kinda sad sitting at lunch with you and feeling like i’m sitting alone because you won’t talk to me. it’s like talking to a wall, what did i do? You all get boyfriends i am more than happy for you, but can’t you find a balance? where you can still have time to even say hi to me in the halls? or is that too much to ask, just to know i’m not getting ignored. more of you get in a relationship every day agian nothing but happy. but all i ask is for a hello or goodbye. wasn’t there a saying chicks before dicks and girls before bros? guess not! i will not sit here and wait, becasue i will be able to laugh in the end. when you break up and you have nobody to go to. because i won’t care. maybe you should think twice before leaving your friend in the dust. haha sucks.

    your old friend.

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