• Don’t need Prince Charming, but I need more than you’re giving

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    I honestly don’t think I can continue in this relationship anymore. I’m done feeling like I have to fight for your attention over video games and the fucking the internet.

    I’m not happy.

    You don’t make me happy anymore.

    The majority of my days are spent angry at you. I have not felt happy in this relationship in a long time.

    I shouldn’t have to ask you to spend my birthday with me. Fuck, I had to ask you to even celebrate my birthday 6 months after the fact.

    You’re the one who decided when we started dating & you didn’t even do anything for our anniversary. Again, feeling really special to you. But of course you can remember the days and times of your madden games.

    There are three things I need out of a relationship: honesty, respect and open communication.

    You have been honest with me from the start, you have rarely showed respect for me and your communication has been half hazard at best. I hate to keep on bringing up the Anna stuff, but it really did set the tone for our relationship. Why were you not honest from the start? By not saying she was your ex you came off as secretive, that there was something to hide.

    Then you didn’t show respect for me when she was being inappropriate in public. Her asking you blatantly if you wanted to have sex was not ok. My friends I have told about that incident are flabbergasted that you didn’t do anything. I sat there dumbfounded. Then you showed lack of respect for me when I asked to not be around you and Anna together and not even three days after that conversation you forced me to.

    On top of it I feel like I have to force you to talk with me. I feel like I have to twist your arm to even tell me about the menial details of your day. You do have your instances where you do open up to me but it always seem to be way after the fact. I understand if you don’t like the phone, but I never forced you to communicate by phone. If you would be more comfortable communicating by email, skype, whatever, I wouldn’t mind. But even when I try to converse with you by other means I still get ignored. Emails go unanswered for days and you log out of chats as soon as I send you a message.

    Basically, I’m done.

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