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    i hope you know this is for you.
    i thought walking away would be for the best…
    i can’t say that i feel that way anymore.
    i need you. i know you need me.
    my feelings for you are so mixed. i love you one minute and then the next i feel like you’re ripping me apart.
    i try to not say anything to you and then you cause a scene. its like no matter what i do its never the right thing when it comes to you.
    i still feel like i should be the one you go to bed with. share secrets with. share happiness and sadness with. i should be the one to have your baby.
    not her.
    PLEASE don’t let her ruin your life.
    i know you never will, but if you came to me right now, or tomorrow, or ten years from now i can promise you i would gladly fall back into your arms.

    love you forever,

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