• a blow to the stomach.

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    it was like a blow to my stomach.
    i know you two text now, i know you’re getting close. But hearing you say it today felt horrible. That used to be me. now you’re texting my best friend.

    I don’t think anything will happen, she has a potential boyfriend, and you’re close with other girls- but still, it hurts.

    I just wish you could see me in a ‘more than a friend’ sort of way, you did- but everything changed. It’s hard enough seeing other girls say they love you and know you’re really close with them, but my best friend- really?

    I’ve never liked anyone as much as i liked you. And i was sure i’m over you.. but now i’m not so sure.
    hugging you and seeing you makes me wish we were something so more. I can’t help thinking i fucked it up, our chances, but i don’t see how i could’ve. I did nothing wrong. guess i just wasn’t good enough for you.

    I miss how close we were, i miss knowing i had someone that really liked me, and maybe actually thought about me.

    Theres just something about you that’s making it so hard to get over you, to stop having such strong feelings for you. Every time i look at you all my feelings come rushing back, i still get nervous when i see you around school. But now, instead of me, you’re probably looking at my bestfriend, not boring old me. i’m old news.

    it’s like nothing ever happened between us, you seemed to have forgotten eveything you said to me, the way you felt. Or maybe it was all just lies.

    I don’t know. I just wish i could get you out of my head and move the fuck on.

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