• Why?

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    It’s the question that is never answered. It’s the thought that pops into my head at ever action you make, or every word you speak. It’s what I need to ask you. It’s what I wish I could just scream at you when I see you everyday.
    Why to so many things in our fucked up relationship.
    There is no definite answer. There may never even be an abstract answer. Who knows if i’ll ever get the chance to even ask the question.
    Why did you stop talking to me ?
    Why didn’t you tell me you still felt something all those months of being together?
    Why go and screw everything up? Everything was perfect. Well almost perfect.
    I didn’t even care that we weren’t “together” because I was still yours. I still spent time with you. Got to hold you and kiss you and let my heart soar. I could smile stupid name. I could look forward to something. I could feel happy around you 24/7.
    I loved you then. Even when I didn’t show it. And I love you now even when I can’t have you. I’ll let you be happy. Because when you love someone that’s what’s most important. To be happy. Even though I’m not the one making you happy anymore. I know you’re better off being happy than me going and screwing it all up. I justwish I could go back. Go back to that first night we spent together. And change how I acted. I wish I had taken one last chance to be with you instead of trying to make you happy without even knowing what you really wanted. There’s nothing I can do now. But I hope one day our paths will cross and the ime and place will be right.
    Then I’ll have my chance. With you.

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      November 1, 2011 at 6:49 am

      Time and place are never right for anything. You have to make it so, find a place and take the time. If it is important enough to you, you simply will, and not waste time hoping for time that may never come.



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