• What is wrong with you?

    by  • October 31, 2011 • Bitch! • 0 Comments

    I’m not sure who or what you think you are but I’m not happy. You act like an extremely immature child. My niece is nearly 3 and she knows how to behave better than you’ll ever do. Best of luck in learning how to grow up – you’re meant to be a grown adult and being older than me I really think you should know better don’t you? Huh why am I even questioning it? You don’t know better. Full Stop.

    I’m writing this letter to keep me from blowing my top as I have just about had it and I’m afraid of losing my cool in front of you as you’ll judge and critisize me even more.
    You have zero respect and the way you behave and gossip about innocent people is just plan pathetic. You’re pathetic.

    Enough said. Now get out my way. And my life.

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