• Torn

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    Life is all about choices…

    Our everyday consciousness starts with a single question: Should I get up? Questions lead to other questions and result in ourselves being thrust into school with about 500 unanswered questions wandering the empty space in our brain that makes up our mind. Some questions come with an almost written book on how to answer it for instance the answer to question 5 in last night’s pre-calculus homework. Others involve a much more in-depth process that will bring you to an answer but it isn’t always the one you want or the one you need.

    The question I face is which one should I choose? My girlfriend is the greatest person I know and I would never do anything to hurt her because I love her. On the other hand is my best friend since kindergarden who only recently started liking me is crazy in love with me and I’ve always liked her a lot. This relationship is the first that I have ever been in and I want it to last a long time. I just don’t know what to do. I just feel so… torn.

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