• Anger

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    From a young age i was always taught “don’t be afraid to ask for help”, “asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak”. Well isn’t that lovely because i ask for help every day of my life and no one gives it to me. so what do i do from there? what happens when you are strong enough to admit you need help and to reach out and try to find help and no one cares enough about you to give it to you? where does one go from there? because that’s my problem. i joke about how i’m perfect and better than everyone but meanwhile it is very very clear that no one could give two shits about me. so how does one cause others to care about them? Why is it that anything that could make me happy is overlooked? Why is it that i create my own happiness, and consistently try my hardest to keep a positive attitude, yet still find myself longing for someone, anyone to genuinely care if i’m okay. I’ll be okay someday, i just wish someone would help.

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