• 21 the new 40?

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    Dear world,

    I’m just wondering if we have all lost touch with our youth. I’m 21 years old. Both my roommates are moving out next year to live with their boyfriends. 90% of my close friends are in serious relationships. 30% of those people have already started families. I’m just wondering, what’s the rush? We are so young. There is so much life to see. So many places we could go. I am not saying you aren’t allowed to be in love. Be in love! Love life! Love yourself! Why settle so soon? Explore, Create, Discover! I feel like a minority right now because I’m single. That is so weird. I shouldn’t have to feel like it’s wrong that I’m not in a relationship. People make things awkward. Everyone keeps saying they don’t want me to feel like a third wheel, or out of place so I don’t get invited to things. Did you ever thing that maybe the fact that you don’t invite me in the first place is what makes me feel left out? I’m perfectly content with not being in a relationship. I have great family, great friends, and I know one day it will happen when the time is right. As for now, I’m going to focus on school, work, and establishing myself. What’s the rush!? is 21 the new 40?

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