• The End?

    by  • October 30, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    As of yesterday its over, I won’t see you much more any more. I’m shoved back into that cold place in the back of your mind, the friend zone. I thought yesterday something was going to happen. It was cold, you knew I was cold and with my hands in yours, I thought something may happen. I got my hopes up, why do you do that to me? You pretty much know I like you but still you push me aside.

    I know you’ll never date me, you’d go for a senior girl or a junior girl, someone your age. You’d over look me just because I am a freshie. I don’t think its very fair but fine. I just want to see you happy, as long as your happy with your choice I’ll be happy for you. I’ll be there when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you need advice you can’t give yourself.

    When I was told we should go out my face lit up and my day was made but you look for the senior girls approval. I know you would change yourself for her but why? I love you for who you are your flaws and all, don’t ever change yourself unless it would truly make you happy. It kills me to see you talk to her and know her and let her get so close to you.

    I’ve known you for a while and it’d be beyond weird but I don’t care. I’d take all the shit my parents would give me because they don’t like you. I’m sure your parents would give you shit too but would you take it for me? Am I worth enough for you or am I just a girl for you to fuck and move on? I really think your different, prove it to me. Be the junior who dates the freshie girl. Shock everyone bring me to your senior prom, I’d go just to be with you and that’s the only way I’ll go.

    Please open your freaking eyes! You haven’t seen the way I look at you or how I blush when you say my name? You can’t see how I just want to make some conversation with you. I think other people notice but you just don’t. When you talk to me I just smile and hope for the best. I want to be your forever. Just seeing you smile makes me feel amazing. Even if we would have to hide our love it would work for me, if only you knew. I want to tell you but I don’t I just hope you can read minds.

    They say love is like an hourglass, as your heart fills up your brain empties. It’s true, you’re invading my privacy. You’re in my dreams and you’re always on my mind. I want to be the person you’re kissing as the world stops spinning and the light dies from your eyes. With my dying breath I’d still say I love you. Please notice me, open your eyes, SOMETHING!!!

    I <3 YOU!

    Distressed freshie girl that only knows what heartbreak feels like

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