• bestfriends&lovers.

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    part one.

    you’re my best friend. he’s the love of my life. you know how i feel about him. you know how much i need him in my life. you’re my best friend.
    you’re the love of my life. she’s my best friend. you know how i feel about you. you know how much i need you in my life. you’re the love of my life.

    mark my words you two, you will end up together.

    you told me you would never date him because you know how it’d make me feel. you said you’d never do it. but i know you would. after tonight, i know you would. it’s just so convenient that he and his girlfriend broke up.

    part two.

    you led me on. made me feel wanted. made me happy. made me enjoy who i was and how i was feeling. but guess what. you’re a flirt. you’re a flirt who won’t even own up to what you do.

    you’re a bitch who i apparently call my friend. you’re mean to me. you make fun of me. you make me feel bad about myself. i honestly hate you. i hope you two get together, maybe if you have someone else to annoy and cough all over you’ll leave me and my pathetic ass life alone.

    good luck my friends and lovers. you are cruel, mean, horrible, and awful.
    i wish you the best.

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