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    To my sunshine,

    I never thought I would be here writing this letter on Letters I’ll Never Send, but truth is I am. Sad thing is, I will be probably be texting each word from this letter to you tonight so you can wake up to something. I enjoy leaving you good morning texts to wake up to, I really do. I know we cannot hold each other every night, but those two days we get every month together is totally worth it. Having you in my arms makes me feel all warm inside. I once in awhile sit around my house being like “is she really the one,” “I don’t really like her, she’s just a thing.” Sad thing is, whenever I am with you or see you smile or see your beautiful eyes….oh, I do really love your hair and your voice. Whenever I hear you make that whimper noise whenever you think you did something wrong, I love it. I really do, it makes me smile inside for some reason ha. You are my sunshine, you are my girl.

    So back to when I am with and I get that feeling, right, I totally switched topics, I guess I kinda do that. You are the girl for me. I feel…Hmm what’s the word, amazing, completed. You bring meaning to my life when i thought I had none. I love it when you tell me stories that happened during your day, it makes me smile. I definitely like it when you share stories about when boys hit on you, because they can hit on you all they want, you are still my girl and I am your boy. We have that connection I guess. I love that connection.

    Don’t worry about me breaking up with you, because I really don’t see it happening. Someday I will make that bridge for us, yes that bridge we have to make everytime because one of us cried too much. I will make that bridge so I can find a shortcut to come to your house. I want be by your side everyday. I want to hear your lame, cute stories that happened throughout your day. I am making that bridge so I can see you babe, and maybe so I can tickle you some more because I love to hear you laugh and see that smile. It is pretty awesome. I can’t wait until this November when I get to see you again, those are the two days I am looking forward to now, and every day after that when I get to see you some more.

    I know our love is young, but it is going to grow stronger every day were together and that is going to be a very strong love if I do say so myself… 🙂 I probably mentioned this in one of my other good morning texts but, babe, I am going to give you my all and thats all I have to say about that. Also, you are sucha dork by the way haha, I want to see you in your new glasses so I can see how great you look with them. Anyways, I hope you have a great day today and I look forward to talking to you when I wake up….Oh I get to sleep in today, so enjoy the long wait for me to respond back to you 🙂

    From your dork.

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