• Thank you LINS<3

    by  • October 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Gratitude • 0 Comments

    I know people have said this before, but I have to reiterate the fact. This website, is absolutely amazing. It’s a life-saver, honestly. It’s my therapy. I kid you not I probably post letters up here 3 or 4 times a week. Usually they’re all about different things, and it takes such a weight off my shoulders. It’s funny, whenever something really bugs me, or frustrates me, makes me sad or unhappy in any way, I’m upstairs, on my laptop, letting it all out via LINS.com.

    Whoever invented this is a genius! It’s so different then like, writing down your feelings in say, a diary. Because when you write on here you could possibly get a response, somebody telling you to hang in there, or that they’re going through the same thing. It makes me feel not so alone in this big ol’ world. And I love how its all anonymous…I can and I have wrote multiple letters about the same person/issue on here, just in all different words, and nobody knows!

    Just had to let that out….this website is perfect and it makes me so happy 🙂

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