• Dear awful professor,

    by  • October 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration, School • 0 Comments

    You are the worst professor I’ve had for anything. Ever. You’re crazy and you do absolutely NOTHING to actually help me learn anything. It’s like you think that because you’re kind of ancient, you have a right to NOT TEACH US as much as amuse yourself by making us uncomfortable and trying to force us to think like you when the things you teach AREN’T RELEVANT TO THE WAY THE REST OF THE WORLD VIEWS THIS SUBJECT MATTER. Guess what: I do NOT learn when there’s an atmosphere of fear, and when the things you teach don’t actually help me with the subject. And you do very little to actually explain things in class. You put us on the spot, and then your logic is impossible to follow and you act like we’re idiots if we don’t follow it. This class is the worst class I’ve ever taken.


    Wishing your classes weren’t required for her major,
    And speaking in a lot of CAPS,
    A Disgruntled Student

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