• Excerpt from a Letter to Myself

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    I came across this today, but I had written it about 3 years ago to help myself get over an ex. It’s as meaningful to me now as it was then…. just an excerpt:

    “You can’t make anyone have feelings for you. Even if they once did, it’s impossible to rekindle feelings that have faded and you’ll make a fool of yourself if you try to. Even if you know that you’re a great person– that the person you want truly isn’t worthy of the person you are– feelings once lost are gone forever. It doesn’t matter how wonderful, loving, caring, funny, smart, confident, sexy, charismatic or charming you are, people remember the hurt more than the pleasure. A sullied impression can’t be repaired through late night hook ups or anything else. And i finally realized that.

    This poignant and most important realization came with a few others. The first is that he isn’t worth fiending. You can’t mistake someone for who you want them to be, you have to come to terms with who they actually are. You have to realize that the person who drunkenly fell to the ground that night is below you like that for a reason. They’re low in so many ways; the way they ignore you in public and then pull you close in private; the way they toss you away when you constantly overlooked how shitty they were in favor of easy sluts and bacchanalia; how he says things you know he doesn’t mean just because he knows it sinks his hooks in deeper.

    You have to realize people aren’t compatible, and when two people stand face to face, someone is going to be taller.”

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