• Sorry, I Just Can’t

    by  • October 18, 2011 • Sorry • 0 Comments

    I will always be there for you if you REALLY need me, but I think tonight may be the last time I try to do something for you. Every time he treats you like shit, you come running to me. I know better, I know that I shouldn’t indulge you. I know that I should pawn you off to one of your girlfriends, but I can’t help myself. I am who I am, and I care about you, for better or worse. Yesterday was your birthday, and you had no one who was going to take the initiative and help you celebrate. Your “best friends” had no plans for you. I gathered them together and made sure your day was special. I booked a table at your favorite restaurant. I reserved and paid for your room at a fancy hotel. I had your favorite wine and cupcakes waiting for you in that hotel room. I invited all your closest friends, even though not a one of them lifted a finger to help prepare this day for you. I bought you flowers and treated you like a princess all night, indulging every request, even when it made no sense to do so. At the end of the night, I drove your drunk friend home because you were worried about her and didn’t want her to drive. And at the end of the night I came home alone while you spend the night with your ex-boyfriend who never did anything for you, in a hotel room I paid for.

    So I’m sorry, I may be a lost cause, a hopeless man in many ways. I will always care about you, and I will always want you to be happy. I can be your friend, I can wish I was more, but I cannot allow myself to be your bitch.

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