• The Truth

    by  • October 12, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    You just don’t want to admit the truth. I did want to be with you, but you have succeeded in pushing me away from you, and towards him.

    Truth is, I’d rather be with you than him. But as it turns out, the guy I thought I was falling for is not who you really are. Your overbearing and arrogant side that comes out around other people honestly scares me. You never listened to what I said to you, and you constantly made me feel uncomfortable about myself and embarassed to talk to other people around us.

    And then you tried to turn the blame on me. Telling everyone that I “mind-fucked” you and that I was a tease. You made rude comments about the other guy I started to hang out with. The real you began to emerge from behind the curtain you had so nicely placed over your true identity. The worst part is, I began to believe all your accusations that you placed on me and began to feel bad about myself. Then he came along and helped me see the truth, that you were hovering over me, guilting me into believing all your stories about the “bad” person that I was. Now I can see what happened.

    I will admit, as I was lying with him the other night I caught myself thinking it was you next to me. I really will miss the person I thought you were, but not the person you turned out to be. And I pray that sometime soon your sweet and mature side will show through and we will be able to continue on as friends.

    I’ll be waiting

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