• the Real D letter

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    You know you try to make a change for the better leave the drugs alcohol and meanigless sex behind pack your bags move 3000 miles away from home and yes maybe your intentions at first were partly for something wrong maybe there were other sinful reasons but they got left behind in your second move into this cruel cruel world but then….. after all the changing for the better the fucking light at the end of the tunnel goes out and you’re stuck in the darkness and that’s where i am now thak you big company i work for which i won’t name you polocy’s are full of black and white with nowhere for the greys in between for someone like me that true and true lived the hardknock life the father i never knew alcoholic mother who verbally and physically and mentally abused me living in a world of drugs and violence before i even learned to walk but all and all many scores my rise from the ashes was short lived so why the fuck sholud i even try anymore i’ll drink myself to an oblivion and ”REFELCT maybe i’ll even turn to the drugs i left behind all and all in case of my demise at the perligates, a cardboard box or 3000 miles back home i’d like to take this time to to give sorta a goodbye to the people i’ve encounterd and made my empty life seem whole thank you you’ll all never know how much you’ve all meant to me

    H you were my friend from the start at and help me though my heartbreak you are a beautiful person and will be forever grateful for your friendship

    S you were like a mother to me and always made me feel love you are truly one of the most caring sweet kind genuine human beings i’ve ever encounterd in my life i’m glad to have the plesure of having you in my life even though my time may be through

    D you always made me laugh and yet you are one of the most put together person i know thanks for helping me with the couch hope the wiskkey dosn’t mess ur ass up too much

    B ohh B To say I liked you from the start would be a lie it’s not your fault i was going though some stuff when we met but that didn’t stop you from breaking down my wall hell you blew it the fuck up never stop smiling your beautiful your
    laugh and prescence has gotten me though some of my darkest days just hope my mistakes don’t bite you in the ass cuz you don’t derserve that

    A your smile lights up the room it is definatly your trademark your feisty and I admire you for that

    J your a real pain in my ass but i love you anyways we butted heads more times than i can count but thats just because were to alike you got you whole future ahead of you graspt it with both hands and don’t let go

    Al you remind me so much of my mom in her better days you even share her name you are a stong woman and will be forever inspried by your presence

    AM miss you girl you are such a sweetheart hope god blesses you with all the happiness you derserve
    L you cool as hell im so happy you found someone who makes your life complete
    C you may notice your at the bottom of my list actully there are many othres before you i havn’t mentioned but your the pincal of my brand new start and not to mention you would be wrong although we may have drifted apart I still want to see you suceed good luck in all you do

    in short its been quite a journey and I’ll forever chrish the short time ive had you all in my lfe I love each and everyone of you L

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