• What more could I possibly say?

    by  • September 22, 2011 • Moving On, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    So what you got me a down when I was on the highest cloud?
    I’m gonna get right back up there and i’ll be so fucking proud.
    & good for you, you got a strong girl just a little weak.
    But fuck you, i’m still on the mountain’s peak.
    Is it that hard to just give a little fucking respect?
    Step into my shoes, look at things from my aspect.
    You’ve seen me trip once or twice but never fall.
    But that’s it, that’s all.
    At first I thought it was me, but thinking that was the only mistake I made.
    & watch how you act because I will fade, fade, fade.
    I did but now you should know I don’t give a fuck.
    I didn’t want this to even happen but it’s just my luck.
    You got me at first, you caught me.
    But, when you’re all alone you’ll see.
    You’re like a splinter if I don’t get you out you’re gonna be infected.
    It might hurt getting you out but soon I’ll finally be protected.
    Wipe your mouth, you still have a little bullshit around your lips.
    I’m gonna cut all our connection off with one lil snip.
    You’re so low to me. You should be bowing down to my middle finger.
    You’re about to be SO fucking gone, another stranger.
    But I’m done writing. There are only a few things you can say about shit.
    This was all I had to say & all I had to admit.

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