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    Little Brother,

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    I’m not up doing homework until 2 am. I’m crying myself to sleep because I’m lonely. I don’t have many friends and this year of college is the worst. But the fact that you still treat me like the coolest person ever keeps me hanging on. I love you, Champ. Related Post You…. Distance, My


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    I respect you for what you did in ending the friendship. I finally just come to accept that it was really for the best, even though no one else will understand what that means. You are an honorable person and I’m thankful to know that this world is a better place, because of it and

    Just say so

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    Kevin. I am really worried about you. I’m really worried about us. I thought things were better now but they obviously aren’t. Things haven’t been the same since I got pregnant and we both know it. But I think what you aren’t telling me is that you didn’t want me to get an abortion. It’s