• time to move on.

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    long time since i talk to myself again . HAHA. i really duno what’s happening now really. it’s like hmm i don’t know myself at all. i kept throwing temper at people nowadays. i jus can’t stop that. i can’t. but i know i have to. cos it doesn’t make sense to me when it has been so longg alrdy. so long. kay im an idiot , moron bitch wadeva . i jus wanna get on with life . is this that DIFFICULT ? i mean . really , no matter what i do , i jus cant get over it or what ? sometimes i tink maybe i run to the road and get knock down by a car , in coma for a couple of months and jus maybe i will forget everything . yeaa.

    you dont know how hard i tried to get over all this things . this things those pepo long ago forgotten . and those pepo are really killing me alive . no kidding . everyday they come into my life , reminding me of him every single time. teasing him and her being like a couple. this things i dun wannna fucking know about it. i dun wan to . i know i must get there . where i dun care if pepo say that , where everything seems how it is pupose to be .

    and yes. i pretend to have forget everything but no . i didnt . in fact , i still tinking why . why he leave and creating lots of reasons maybe he leave not becos he wanted to . i push myself , my soul everything to the maxium . i hide all my pain . becos all i know is he love her . and i want them to be happy . i heard alot frm pepo that they are getting closer and closer towards being a couple . i definitely dont wanna spoil that . i dun wanna be the SPOILLER anymore. i dun wan to be known as the extra person in their life .

    i play an UGLY part in his life and i dun want to play in anyone else’s alrdy. i’m tired of getting hurt and this is it. i’m done waiting . it’s time to let go cos i finally realise its not worth it anymore. it’s wrong frm the every first day we talk. im done with it. and i’m srs.

    i want to GET A LIFE.

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