• Ughh,

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    You’re annoying. You’re so sweet. You’re so supportive. You make me smile with you’re super cute good morning quotes or fortune cookie style lingo. You are ecstatic along with me when I tell you about my daily accomplishments. You’re much nicer than the boys who live near me, yet you’re so mean.
    You’re mean because you’re nice. You’re mean because you told me you wanted a chance with me before, yet I never knew that. You’re especially mean because of her.
    Yes, I know about her. Women always know.
    Yet I can’t get upset because you have no ties to me. & I’m not upset. I just don’t want to look like a fool cause my friends think I’m crazy for liking you.

    I hope you don’t read this. It makes me sound like a crazy girl, which I am I suppose. Aren’t we all? Nevertheless, you have yet to see this side of me, so let’s not start here.

    Until 2013,

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