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    16 and…

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    Pregnant. Do I know for sure? Not yet. Are the signs there? Possibly. Is it yours? Yes. Last night you caught me with my hand on my stomach all night. It was unconcious on my part. I didn’t notice. Yes, my stomach hadn’t felt good. No, I haven’t gotten my period. Today I was nauseous

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    My Side of the Story

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    It’s funny. I’ve always been upset. For some reason or another, whether I knew it or not. But I finally figured out why: I’ve always been a person who needed to open up to others. I know I’m closed, I know it’s hard to get information out of me. But I’m dying inside with all

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    why is this happening? it has happened so many times before i fall for you and you fall for her it is always the same her just as different people, you know the kind of her i’m talking about. am i doomed to live my life in a perpetuial love triangle or just with someone

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