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    Dear Tyler,

    I love you, more than you’ll ever know. I understand that I don’t show it and I know that I’m not the most affectionate person, but you mean everything to me. I would see you every day, and I wish I could. I wish we could fall asleep together every night and wake up to each other. Because you’re what I’ve been waiting for. Sometimes you don’t treat me the greatest, but you’re real, you’re here and you care about me…that’s all I need. You’re all I need. When I’m not with you, I feel incomplete. The other night when you said that I meant so much to you, I wanted to tell you that you’re my everything, but I bit back my words because I got scared. I love every little thing about you, from your mole that sticks out on the left side of your face to your tiny feet (haha), from your quiet chuckle to your goofy grin, from your silly jokes to your wedgies. I always told myself I would never be one of those girls that got dependent on a guy, but I have no idea what I would do without you. Just seeing you in the same room makes me happy, and it makes me even happier when you’re beside me with you’re arm around my waist. You’re the only want, the only one I crave. When I’m cuddling with you, I’ve never felt more at peace or loved or safe. I love you, and that isn’t going to change, and neither are we. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be respected and cared for.

    Lala love,

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