• Dear Me

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    Dear Me,

    I wish it was easier to find you, the purity of your soul and the life you are supposed to live.

    I wish I could let you live to the fullest, truly free.

    I wish that life was my definition of perfect so that you could alway be blissfully happy.

    I wish what other people thought truly did not matter, so that you could do what made you happy.

    I wish life did not cost so much.

    Dear Me,
    It’s okay that life has restraints.

    It’s okay you are still in the closet.

    It’s okay that being yourself is kept to yourself.

    It’s okay to wait, but find the time to be ready.

    It will be okay someday, one day, when you are old and weary.

    Just remember. It’s never too late, and if it is late, better late then never.

    Dear Me,

    Don’t forget to cry every now and then.

    Don’t forget to say I love you, truthfully.

    Don’t forget Me.

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