• Infatuation #2

    by  • August 28, 2011 • Wish • 0 Comments

    It’s been a couple more weeks.
    You came to live with me for a week and then came on holiday with me.
    You’ve met all my family and you’re great with my teenage brother who adores you.
    I am so in love with you.
    But now I know you a little more, I know how this is going to end.
    I know you’re going to hurt me eventually.
    But I can’t stop, it’s like I’m running towards the edge of a cliff and I know when I get there I’ll fall off but I can’t stop running because it’s so exhilarating.
    You’re a flirt, I knew that when I met you.
    But I think you might be more than that.
    I’m worried that you wouldn’t really think twice about sleeping with someone else if the chance was there. In so many ways you’re still a child, running around wanting to try new things when I’m past that.
    I know you don’t think it’s really cheating unless you’re married, but let me tell you it is, and it would hurt, and it does hurt knowing you think like that.
    But I love you.
    You make me dangerously happy and scarily low and I love every second of it but it’s too good to last and one day it will all come crashing down.
    Just let me have a few more weeks of paradise before it gets taken away, things this good don’t happen to people like me.
    I wish you would stay with me forever, but I know you can’t, and wont.
    I know some day you’ll leave and I’ll have to deal with it.
    But implore you, don’t. Please.
    I love you and I need you.
    I’m fucking infatuated.

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