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    No, I wasn’t looking at my phone, No, i did not hope for you to call, No, i do not wish to see you, No, this will not happen again. No, you did not love me the same way i did No, you are immature, No, I will not do anything for you, No, i

    Just another useless post.

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    I miss you, but I have to stop missing you. I don’t know how, but you’re stuck in my daydreams and I’m afraid that you’re always going to stay in my daydreams. I don’t want to forget you, not like I even could, but remembering you so vividly is torture. I have no idea where

    So I guess you’re through with me

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    It’s like, he doesn’t care, but, that him and what I liked about him too, that’s who he is, that’s what he proclaims is his strongest characteristic. I was cute and different, nice and sarcastic. Refreshing. Interesting enough for a while. The he had to swallow every screwed up thing that came with me. I

    Crazy Old Cat Lady.

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    I feel like I’m going to die old and alone with twelve cats. As much as I love my cat, I’d really like to fall in love and get married and whatnot, yaknow? I’m always comparing myself to my friends. They’re prettier, smarter, skinnier, funnier, nicer, more confident, more talented, and just all around better

    Dear Ryan,

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    I Love you. Yes, You’re 18, And, Yes, I am 14. I know you think I’m a little girl, But I Know how I feel.. And I love you. I do. I know this might hurt you more then anything. But I really want you to be ‘mine’ I cry at night because You’re 100’s