• It’ll never be the same.

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    Hey “Clan”.

    Now that him and I aren’t together things will never be the same. I feel like you guys use it for your own entertainment… why can’t him and I not be together and all of us still have a relationship.

    J- You turned your back on me. You were my best friend and you chose them. you let them play these games with me and you laugh too. I honestly have the hardest time talking to you like we used to. I hope they are worth it.

    N-You were like my big brother. you protected me from anything and everything. you helped me back you let me sleep in your roommates bed and now you chose him. I don’t understand.. well I do since you guys are the same person. but if you didn’t care about our friendship or me why did you let it go on for so long… you even told me youd always be there for me after that whole big fiasco…. but it’s cool i guess cause things happen and friends change just like you would always tell me.

    Him- you were my best friend in the whole world. when we were alone and dating you told me you loved me. what a big crock of shit… have fun with them because they will never do what i did for you. have fun with MY LIFE. You are the biggest douche bag I have ever met. I loved you with all my heart and I was there after everyone else left you behind. so have a good fucking time.

    in the end it always happens it’s all my fault and nothing in my life seems worth it anymore. you guys were my world… it’s sad to say i felt like i finally belonged to something. but nopeee not anymore the only place you guys give me in this whole situation is for your entertainment and laughs. when im gone… youll realize the real part I played.

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