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    After almost three weeks, you finally started talking to me again. I don’t know what changed between then and now, and I’m not sure that I care. It was so nice to hear your voice again, I’ve missed it. It means more to me then you will know when you talk to me. Thank you.

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY??

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    So I finally found some closure, was okay with being just friends, no longer wished you were mine every second, and became interested in a guy J wants to introduce me to. So of course you and your girlfriend pick NOW to break up. Seriously? Related Post We told you so. You Should Be Thanking

    From One Woman To Another

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    He said you don’t want to speak to me, & I understand that. I had sex with your boyfriend & that is unforgivable. But honestly, I don’t think he told you. I think he just told me he did so that he would be off the hook… I hope you do read this. I don’t

    I Won’t Say I’m Sorry

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    His Girlfriend, You have my heart in your back pocket. Although he is oblivious, I’m quite sure that you are aware of this. He is my best friend and I am not going anywhere. So what did you do? You took him away from me. I know he is your boyfriend and all but I

    pretend to be me.

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    you know what i hate? i hate you…all of you, who tell me who i should be and what i should do. well here is a big old FUCK YOU to all of you. want to know why? because i am sick of pretending to want to be a doctor. i am sick of pretending


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    Dear Distance, Thank you. Thank you for bringing me the Love of my life, the one who makes my life mean something. Thank you for keeping things right when I wasn’t quite ready to let go to my past. No, I wanted to let go, I didn’t know how. Thank you for bridging the gap