• Ello

    by  • August 11, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    You, good sir, are a no good asshole. I was in love with you for the longest time, and to this day I think i still am, but it will never happen. Why? because you do not deserve me, and these games you are playing with me fuck me up in the end, but I won’t let them anymore. Yes I slept with someone who I had no feelings for and never spoke to again, but you want to know why I did it? Because I was so frustrated with you, and because I secretly wanted to be with you so badly, and I even knew in the back of my mind you would never touch me, that I had to lash out in a way that I knew would piss you off. Also, bringing it up to make it ok for you to be mad at me will no work anymore! Go ahead and fuck your co-worker, because god knows the only time she likes you will be when you guys are stoned and drunk.

    Fuck you forever.

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