• i’m done with this mess.

    by  • August 3, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments


    when i think of you, all i want to do is curl up in bed and listen to elliott smith. you’ve truly injured me this time. if you wanted revenge for my “just friends” shit i pulled on you in high school then congratufuckinglations, you won. not only have you shattered my self-esteem, you have made me feel utterly worthless and used. i want you to know that when you cross my mind daily i cringe inside thinking about how repulsive you were with me, just utterly disgusting. all sex, nothing else. you went from being “in love” with me to wanting to be strictly fuck buddies. all i wanted in the first place was friendship and now everything’s ruined. i have never even been remotely attracted to you! i hope i never see you again. you killed your own sunshine.


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