• 13 Things She Loves About Me

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    The first thing she loves about me is the way I make her feel. She says she loves the way I make her feel good about her self, but how can I not, when she is an amazing individual. If you would met her you would agree with me that she has all the qualities that make you want to keep her near.

    The second thing she loves about me is that I am smart, ambitious for my career in doing my masters. She loves the fact that I have a good head on my shoulders. You know how heart warming this felt? When the only other time I ever heard of this was in my own head.It was truly pleasing.

    The third thing she loves about me is that I’m super adventurous….I want to travel to far off places, I dance, and I want to jump out of airplanes. I know she is just the right one for me when she is able to love the fact that I put my life in danger :). I need someone like her to love that about me and support me, even when my ideas seems outrageous. Hearing her say “I just love the adventurous side of you” makes me smile. It lets me know I can always be myself with her.

    The fourth thing she loves about me and I think should be the first on the list is the SEX…. For this one there is not enough meaningful words to describe our connection and energy when the magic happens. Mamas you know what I mean.Just being able to look into your eyes and not have to say a word and you already know what I am feeling.

    The fifth thing she loves about me is that I can make her laugh. Oh her smile melts me away and completes my days. She loves my silliness and how I just want to have FUN. What she doesn’t know is that she brings that out in me. I had not felt like this since I can last remember. Life just seems more cheerful and pleasant with her around.

    The sixth thing she loves about me is that “I am super sporty, athletic, running, soccer, all things fitness related.” She made me feel sexy. she made me feel like she was the girl that I can just get up one morning and tell her to get ready so we can go hiking at her favorite spot.

    The seven thing she loves about me is that I am a latina and I can remind her of where she came from. I loved it that she pointed that out because I feel I can teach her something rather than her always feeling like she has to teach me. I love the fact that I can bring her back to her roots and introduce her to “cute cheesy love songs in espanol… :)” A little secret…(what she does not know is that almost every cheesy song I introduce her to is because it makes me think of her) sssshhhhh

    The eight thing she loves about me is that I love me family and would do anything for them. It has always been so hard for me to find someone that would just understand the importance of family and their value to me. She said I was a good daughter, which was unexpected. That was new for me but I took it in. It was nice to appreciated that way.

    The ninth thing she loves about me is that I’m incredibly sexy, stunning, but the best part she said is my smile, my eyes and my embrace. Little did she know the feeling is mutual. Never had I felt so special to someone as she makes me feel with every conversation.

    The tenth thing she loves about me is that I can be so tough. I can be tough until she walked into my life. She broke down walls that displayed my weaknesses but even after she see saw me this way, she still saw me as a strong individual.

    The eleventh thing she loves about me is that I call her Mamas. Mamas just fits her character. she is sexy yet so precious. It just fits her personality and attitude.When I call her mamas I feel butterflies flowing in my body and just hearing her respond to that name is satisfying.

    The twelfth thing she loves about me that I can handle her bull shit… and oh man can I handle her bs. .. It is not easy, but at the end of it she could not be any more lovable than she was before her mood. She is the only one I can understand and can give space to. Which is a different aspect for me and I am growing from it. Do not worry I know there will be more test! Bring it on Mamas.

    The thirteen thing she loves about me is that I am an excellent writer. Do not quite agree with her, but if that is one more thing she loves about me I cannot complain. I write in regards of my feelings towards for her and will keep writing until she makes me feel otherwise.

    **** Besides the 13 things she loves about me, what really penetrated my heart was what she said about not being able to do this with a previous relationship that she was involved with for 7 years. Having her open up and share her feelings with me meant the world. Hope you realize how much I appreciate you. ****** xxxxx

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