• You’ll never know.

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    Dear “Clementine”-

    I know he will never tell you; he’s too afraid of you, but I’m not. If you hadn’t gotten pregnant, he would have never come back to you.

    As it turns out, he got me pregnant one month after you; and we actually WANTED that baby. The only reason that our baby isn’t going to be born is because I cared enough about him to not force him to choose between his responsibility to you, and his love for me. He’s in love with me, and that’s why he’s never there for you, never faithful. He never will be, and you need to accept that.

    I gave you the opportunity to fix your relationship with him and you blew it by acting like a psycho YET AGAIN. You always let your jealousy get the better of you, and then you force your friends to talk to him and work out your fights for you. GROW UP. Deal with your own gd problems.

    You think the pictures you found on FB of him dancing and waving around bills were bad? HA.

    Even if you see this letter you probably won’t immediately think it’s about you, but it is. Just because you haven’t told anyone but him and your mom about your pregnancy, doesn’t mean other people don’t know. He tells me everything. I know more about you than you could even imagine.

    Good thing you’re fat though- it will make hiding your dirty little secret all that much easier.

    The other (better) woman.

    PS- Enjoy single motherhood. He’s going to run again, and you’re pushing him to it.

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    1. Anon
      July 30, 2011 at 12:30 am

      So, he’s not faithful to her because he doesn’t love her? Then you need to ask yourself…why isn’t he faithful to you? Why did YOU have to get rid of your baby? Why are you the other woman, instead of the only woman? You’re blind, woman.

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