• why?

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    when ever there’s a break up there’s always a why. Why did this happen? why me? why, why, why. But for us? There was no why. There was no reason, there was no fault, it just ended. What’s the reason why for us?

    We were a perfect match. A match made in heaven some would say. Madlly in love, ready to take on the world. You were my everything, my best friend, and my lover. To have all of that gone in an instant, why?

    Months after, we hang out were friends. Still, everytime we are together, there’s that old spark, that old flame still burning after all this time. Which brings back the question why? There’s no question about it that we still have feelings, still love one anouther. Then why aren’t we doing something about it? pretending this isn’t real, it isn’t there. Pushing it into the back of our minds and locking it into a drawer. Once in a while, when i’m alone at night, i’ll let my mind wander back to you. I’ll let my self think about all those old times we had together, the passion we had even through the end, the words that we spoken in the dead of the night. And then i think of where we are now. Still going through our everyday lives locking away this old flame that we both know is still there.

    My question? if someone makes you THAT happy, why the hell would you ever want that out of your life?

    :old friends.

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