• the one i love

    by  • July 29, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    i may be in love with you.
    i haven’t decided yet.
    you were my best friend and we told each other we loved each other.
    and then we grew apart.
    i miss you more than anything.
    and it hurts because our friendship isn’t the same.
    you wrapped your arms around me that night and told me that things would be okay and in that moment i believed in you.
    i want that moment back. i want to be able to push rewind and relive it.
    for me it was magical, it was everything.
    idk what it was for you but it was something.
    i felt it and i feel like you felt it too.

    i miss you my wonderful long lost best friend.
    come back to me and show me how good things used to be.

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