• Take a chance.

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    Dear You,

    I wish I had the courage to tell you how I really feel. You have made this past year a living hell and the best time of my life. You make me laugh, you’ve made me cry but ultimately you’ve made me fall head over heels for you. The time we’ve shared has been amazing, and I know you feel it too.

    So why? Why do I have to be the one to put my feelings on the line? Why do I have to be the one to get my heartbroken? I know you aren’t over her yet, but take a chance on me. Please. We have so much fun together, we get each other, we were meant to be together. I know one day I will look back and kick myself for not telling you how I really feel but if you were to be the person to reject me I would never recover. You stole me heart at hello. I know when we were watching Lost on your couch that one night you wanted to hold my hand….but she was still in your life. She is the reason I never said anything, I thought you were happy with her. But now she is gone, and I can’t work up the courage. I love you. I’ve loved you since last summer. I know I should take a chance and just tell you.

    But our friendship means more to me. I would rather just have you as a friend, then not have you at all.

    One day I will do it, I will kiss you….and then you’ll know and in that moment I’ll know. But until then, let’s remain guitar hero fiends and tennis partners and most of all friends.

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