• sleeping to dream.

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    dear reader.

    last night i had a dream in which bad people were chasing me. i do not know whether it is because they wanted to harm me or take me hostage, i just know that they were after me & that they would do anything to get their hands on me. my friends tried protecting me in my dream, & i tried evading my enemies, but i woke up as i was cornered & captured. my wits & stamina had failed to save me.

    you think this type of dream would be a nightmare, dear reader, but not to me. no, this dream was so filled with adventure & adrenaline. the type of things you only read about. girl is pursued by villains, girl outsmarts them, girl eventually gets caught, girl waits for someone to save her. no one came to save me in this dream, reader, but i think that’s what i like the most about these dreams.

    that even though no hero comes to my rescue, some villain wanted me as badly as to chase me halfway around the world, for whatever reason. it just feels good to feel wanted i guess. & this bad guy gave me an adventure of a lifetime.

    & that, dear reader, is my secret. i’m dying for an adventure, with or without a knight in shining armor. if he could come & save me, i’d love him forever. if not; i’m the hero of the story, i don’t need to be saved.

    love, me.

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