• Neverland

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    When I look back, I realise I wasn’t ready.

    I was a boy trapped in a man’s body, with boyish thoughts and lack of preparation for the future. You were ready. You were always ready for me to grow up. Like Peter Pan I would forget my responsibilities to the wider world and fight unimportant battles each day, doomed to repeat until the end of Neverland.

    -Never “growing up”
    -Never “having a career”
    -Never “fulfilling my potential”
    -Never marrying the woman I loved
    -Never having a family, and settling down

    -Never growing old.

    I’m tired of Never…..so tired, and fed up.

    And do you know what the funny thing is?

    I think you were the one that was keeping me young.

    Those first grey hairs were there before I met you in uni. We used to joke they were down to you, but they Never were.

    Without you, I’ve grown older. My greys are coming out at the sides in force like something out of X-Men or Mad Max.

    I’ve grown. No longer the boy. Now I’m Peter Pan the Man….

    ….Looking for his longest and most exciting adventure yet…

    with his “Miss Tinker-Bee E”


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