• Love is Louder Than Fear

    by  • July 29, 2011 • Heartbreak • 1 Comment

    Dear Selfish Clingy Psychotic and Obsessive,

    You ruined the greatest relationship I will ever have. You started dating his older brother one day before I started dating him. That was two years ago. You dug your hooks into the brother so deep the second you got the chance. You are with him everyday, and you call him when you’re not. You don’t do anything fun when you’re with him because you won’t allow it. You’re boring and lazy. You have no friends. You are a bitch and the whole family hates you. And you’re just straight up rude. Now you’re throwing away your future and making him give up his life long dreams so you can go to the same school. I don’t understand how he hasn’t escaped your clutches yet.

    Why am I upset about this? Other than the fact that I feel horrible for the brother as he’s making a huge mistake but you scared the mother fucking shit out of the boy who I’ve loved for the last two years of my life. He’s my best friend, he was my first for everything and we were the perfect couple. We never fought or disagreed. We always laughed and went on crazy adventures together. He made me realize what true love feels like. He saved me from all the pain I’ve gone through over the years. We’ve been friends for 4 years. He was my first boyfriend who treated me the way I deserve. When he broke up with me out of the blue four days ago, the rest of our world was just as shocked as I was.

    What was the reason? He didn’t want us to turn into you. We’re still in love. Because of you we can’t be together because you put forth the worst example of a relationship that it made him run because he’s so fucking scared of becoming what you made his brother. You’re a bitch and you two are still together. I was the best girlfriend I could have been and we end up like this.

    I hate you.

    He needs to realize love is louder than fear. But how can he when you’re such a nightmare. I hope one day your boyfriend realizes what you’ve done to him and dumps your sad ass. It’s well over due.

    The deserving one.

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    1. RunDevilRun
      July 29, 2011 at 8:32 pm

      Wow what a hoe. Sucker punch her in the throat.

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