• I Miss You

    by  • July 29, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    How do you let someone know that everything you do is for them?
    That’s what I’ve been meaning to tell you.
    Everything I do each and every day somehow, someway, comes back to you.

    But why?
    Why do I still feel this way?
    After all those hurtful things you said to me.
    After all the damage you have done by putting your pride above us.

    Everything we had feels like a distant dream now.
    Those countless days we spent together.
    Laying out under the stars…
    just you and me.
    We were a whole state away from all the chaos.
    All that mattered to me was you.
    I could have spend the rest of my life in your arms.
    Nothing else in the world seemed to matter.

    You pulled me in.
    Made me feel things for you that I never knew I could feel for anyone.

    But why?
    So that you could tear it all apart?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me why you would try so hard,
    and then just throw it all away.

    I know I have my issues.
    Don’t think I’m making this out to seem like YOU’RE the bad guy.

    If I could go back I would do things differently.
    I would try my best to show you how much I care.

    I’m damaged.
    I have walls up.
    I don’t get this whole “relationship” thing.

    But if I could go back,
    I would choose YOU every time.
    Because all this hurt is totally worth all the amazing times we shared.

    And you can go on and act like none of this bothers you;
    act like you wish you never met me;
    act like I’m just some stupid girl that broke your heart.
    But you forget, I know your heart better than you do.
    I know that this kills you just as much as it’s killing me.

    So please,
    please come around again.
    Let me show you how much I miss you.

    Let me show you how much I miss your touch,
    your laugh,
    your smile,
    your eyes,
    the way you used to look at me.

    I promise I’ll be different.
    Please come back and tell me you miss me too.

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