• I love you

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    All of those times we rode the bus to kindergarten together, how people would say “oh look, there’s kevin and brianna again”, how we always sat next to each other at lunch. How when we were little we used to hold hands everywhere, because we didn’t know what it really meant. The times where we would always have each other’s backs in an argument. I loved you since day 1. you were my best friend, and also the love of my life. we’re grown up now. and now we don’t ride the bus to highschool anymore because your girlfriend will flip out on me. we never sit next to eachother at lunch because your girlfriend never leaves your side. We don’t hold hands anymore because now-a-days , it’s considered “flirting”. And everytime i get in an argument, i turn around, and you’re not there like i always was for you. I can’t belive we changed that much. i miss how things used to be when we were growing up. i guess when you’re 16 your considered a “young adult”. FUCK IT. i don’t wanna be a young adult. i want to be bestfriends again. i want you to care about me like you used to. And I DO NOT want that tramp you call a girl friend breaking us apart. well, i guess that’s not going to happen because you don’t even look at me in the hallway anymore. last night i got a text from you. it said “Hey Brianna, i was thinking about all of the times we used to have. come over my house for dinner tomorrow at 6” my jaw dropped. i replied “will Stacie get mad if i do?” (Stacie is his girlfriend). He never texted back that night. i thought that Stacie saw his texts to me and flipped on him. but i still went to his house that night for dinner with him and his parents. they were happy to see me. they told me how much older and grown up i look. Later after dinner, me and kevin sat in his living room watching movies. i asked him about stacie, he said that he broke up with her because he missed hanging around with me. My heart was in my throat. i was ecstatic. He Put his arms around me and said. “You probably thought that i forgot about you, & that i’m a jerk. Truth is, there wasn’t a moment where your image didn’t pop up in my mind. I loved you since day 1. “

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    1. Carly
      July 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      i just teared up, no joke. that was beautiful.

    2. Rin
      August 1, 2011 at 9:44 am

      So sweet!

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