• I Just Wanted To Sleep Together

    by  • July 29, 2011 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    We’ve known each other forever. Since after I first moved here. You’re best friend was my first kiss, my first hickey, all that crap. You pushed my boyfriend around and you still let me say “I beat you up.” We grew distant, I’ll admit it. When I saw you I was too embarrassed to run up to you and hug you and chat. You were older, and kids starting high school don’t start to kids in elementary school. And eventually I moved away, which is another story for some letter, and I get back and I saw you twice. I wanted to run up to you, but you were with your friends again. Eventually I ran into you and we hugged, and made plans. Well you know just as well as I do, that cuddling as friends usually leads to making out as a couple. And I asked you, a dozen times “Are we dating or is this just some Summer fling?” Why did you have to say dating? Why did I have to say “yes”? I get attached to people when they say we’re dating. Not clingy, but I do form something there. I wanted a summer fling, I wanted to have fun with no commitment. But as it turns out the fact I was SUPPOSED to leave at the end of Summer made you say “fuck it. I’ll date the stupid eighth grader.” I lost my virginity to you, and I’ve convinced myself that I don’t regret it, and that is how I’m going to handle this. I was sort of cheating just so you know. We had plans, but he always had to cancel. His family is pretty crazy you know. Cops and teenagers, that is who he lives with. The day you “wanted a break” I had a date before you said those words to me. Oh and why did you have to propose? I know it wasn’t serious, but it meant so much to me. And why did you have to say “I love you”? You said it first, not me. Eventually I did but I didn’t. I cared and still do. We were suppose to hook up today, but no. Go and fuck around with your friends. I don’t care. That’s a lie but oh well. Your best friend is going to be in my bed. I promise.

    With all the love, and hate in the world- Moi

    PS: Not that I’ll ever tell you to your face, but I was late, and I lost “it”

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