• Butterflies…

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    So I have a feeling that you are put off by the fact that I’m into you. Maybe you’re not used to someone being that upfront with you, or maybe you’re just not that into me. Which is fine. I just hope there was nothing else I did to put you off. It seems that you’re going through a lot with your friends and family, and I can understand why it would be uncomfortable to open up to someone you just met. But I think you’re amazing. You’re the first girl to give me butterflies in a long time. Probably the first one since the first girl I truly was in love with. I’d really like to get to know you and be someone who will listen to you when you have the pressure of listening to and being there for everyone else in your life. I can tell people depend on you a lot. I’m not here to add stress onto you by doing that too. I’m here to be your friend. Whether or not it turns into more than that, you have an amazing energy and spirit, (even though you keep it under wraps with your bashfulness…for the most part) and I would love to get to know more of that and help you nourish it. Because you deserve to shine, stargazer.

    I’ll probably never send this, because it’s ridiculously intense coming from someone you barely know, and I’ll freely admit that my problems with girls in the past have stemmed from being too intense/clingy/emotional, and I don’t plan to repeat the mistake.

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see you tonight. I’m really sorry if something is going on with your family, but you told me that your dad’s phone call woke you up 15 minutes before we were supposed to hang out…so that kind of tells me that you were going to flake out anyway if you weren’t even awake yet. That leads me to two conclusions…either something personal is going on with you, or you’re REALLY not that into me. Which is whatever. It happens. I just wish you could have been honest about it. And again, another reason I’ll never send this…I just proved what an emotional bitch I am. I just wish I wasn’t so lonely. Then I wouldn’t crave you so desperately.

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