• Because I do. I’m done.

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    Dear Mr. Juedes,

    I can’t even say your name, I am so pissed off at you right now and I am sick of your two faced attitude all the time. I am heartbroken all the time because I believed you were different this time around. You had me for so long and you pretended you didn’t care. And now I sit here, trying to feel something towards you besides insane anger and an intense hatred and a pathetic crush on you that has lasted way longer than I had ever intended, that has costed me so much pain. I’m done trying with you. I give up. I’m done…if you want me, you know where I am. But you better be pretty damn sure that I can handle you, because if you hurt me, you don’t even know…Brooke was right, I am too good for you. You’re just a stupid boy who make me love you. Made me want you and for some reason, I wanted you. You made me love you and now you’ve made me hate you. Last time, I believed we could be something…why was I so stupid? Why the hell would I ever think you could want me, why would I think you’d care enough to make sure you didn’t break me again? I do love you…but I need to do what’s right for me. And because my best friend will sit with me for two hours, because he can feel my heart break that you caused, he’s the kind of guy I need. I can’t do this with you anymore. Because I am in love with you, I have to let you go. And there’s nothing I want more than to hear you make me a promise and know that you’ll follow through. That’s impossible though, it’ll never happen. I want to talk to you and know without a doubt that it really is you. Stop lying to me, I’m done. Yeah, I’ll smile at you, but it’ll be fake. it’ll be hard to force, because you’re so fake with me. I’ll be just as fake with you and you are with me. give and take, baby. It’ll mean nothing to me because I’m done trying to make myself believe you’d be worth it. I’m not sorry! Because I love you, I’m letting you go.

    Consider yourself long gone,
    I love you…

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