• To You.

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    To You.

    I told you that I love Mr.S . You said you love someone else, too. But neither of them loved us back. We talked and talked for hours. Spend our nights talking through phone. And I knew we would end up together. I loved you. Even though it was not true, I felt like falling in love for the first time, with all the colors and joy of being in love. I spent every hour of the day thinking about you. Always hoping it would be you, every time my phone rings. You loved me too. That was all I needed. You loved me enough to help me get over that one guy, I thought I would never be able to get over with. I gave you my heart, or what was left of it. All this we did, knowing things won’t work out as we want it to. Knowing that sooner or later, we go our separate ways. I hoped that moment never came. But it did. And it did sooner than I expected. We are “friends” now. You talk to me about her. About how you still love her. About how you had loved her all along. About how you still hope she would love you back. I listen to you, just as how a friend would listen. But it is hurting me. You don’t seem to notice that every time you talk about her, I feel lonely. I don’t know an easier way to put this, but I still Love You. I still remember the moments we spend together. I want you to hug me again. To hold me tight and kiss me . When I hear your voice, I can’t help but remember the moment when I just lied there in your arms, hugging you, pulling you closer to me. Wishing you would never leave me. You went back to the one you loved. And S seems to miss me now. He seems to start loving me again now. And here I am, struggling to forget you and unable to love S again.

    If I ever get the courage to send you this letter, I want you to know this. I Love You.


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