• Teenage love

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    It’s been a long time since i’ve felt the need to write about what I think, but I think I should just ground the subject with one last letter.

    There was a time, not even that long ago come to think of it; last christmas about; when I thought I really did love you. Honest, I really did.

    When you came back from camp and i found out you were going out with someone, it was shit. I felt like i would never love again. Like i was in a Rom-Com that had got rid of all it’s Com.. and Rom for that matter. Anyway in a nutshell, it’s was crap.

    (got to just say here i’m very sorry for the way i acted back then. As you can tell i was in a bit of bad place)

    Then somebody completely insignificant came along. Yeah, he was cute, but entirely insignificant to my life. And we snogged, pulled, made out whatever you call it. It was ok, but as i said, not important.

    And the next day i was over you. I don’t know where it went, it just did.

    No romantic feelings were still there. And believe me i tried to find them again, i had liked you for so long it felt strange not to, but they had just gone.

    And now your a good friend of mine, and we have such a laugh and i feel comfortable with you, like i feel with all my other guy friends. And it’s super :D.

    Now, stumblers, wonders of the internet who are around 15, 16 years old, or even if you just fell this implies directly to you, take note of this tale of misunderstanding or as i like to call it ‘Teenage love’. It’s very rare to fall properly in love at this age, sure it does happen, but not all that much. You think you love them? are you sure? could it just be your hormones?

    If someone had given me this letter i could have had so much fun for a whole year, but time travel is very improbable. Talk to someone about it. Someone impartial, who doesn’t care about your feelings. Not a friend, someone who is honest. Friends and family will just tell you what you want to hear, which isn’t what you need to hear right now.

    Teenage love is just an infatuation fueled by rouge hormones, watch it.

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