• Still holding on.

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    You know who you are. Maybe you’ll read this one day and maybe you won’t. But I still need to get this off my chest.

    We dated for almost 2 years, and then we fell apart. Mostly because I wanted more from you, and I didn’t think you wanted anything. Although, you told me later that you did love me. I had my chance to tell you at that moment that I still loved you. But I didn’t. I was too scared. And now you’re gone, for good. I should have stopped you from moving down there for that girl. And I should have stopped you when we saw each other in the old cafe in town.

    I’m having a lot harder time moving on then I thought. I deleted you from facebook, thinking that would help. But now I can’t see what you’re up to these days. I’ve dated here and there, but it’s not the same. I can’t seem to let anyone else in, I usually push them away, just so I don’t get too close, in case you come back home.

    I’m about to graduate you know. And you know how much I love the south. I could move down by you, and everything could go back to the way things were. I know this wont happen, but I wish it would.

    -Still hoping from Midwest-

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