• Relationships are funny that way

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    Relationships are funny…. most people have several in their life time, but all except for one (if you are lucky) will end up in a breakup. And every break up hurts, especially if you are the one that is being dumped. I have only been broken up with once, and it turned out to be a very strange feeling. One day you are are told that the relationship you are in is not right, that there is something wrong with it. It is not as bad when you feel the same way about the person, when somewhere at the back of your mind you have known that it wouldn’t last. However, when you think that everything is perfectly fine, and that the other person is just as happy with you as you are with them… then it hurts a lot.

    Eventually everyone is bound to get over it (the breakup). Some break ups will take longer to get over than others. And often times you have to work on yourself to let it go. But life goes on, and you are bound to get over it.

    Unfortunately, some people are selfish.
    Unfortunately some people think that they can wiggle their way back into your life even after breaking your heart.
    Unfortunately you can’t do anything about it either.

    It’s not like you can erase their attempt at communication from you memory and go on with your life without thinking about them. Without wondering: “why did this person talk to me?”, “do they have an alternative motive?”, “WHY?”.

    Often it happens when you are happy, when everything is finally getting back to its rightful place.

    You wished that the person would have talked to you maybe few months after the break up, but they don’t…. they don’t say anything for more than a year. They just disappear.

    And when a year later, you are glad that they are gone from your life, they reappear.

    Is it because they have no idea how much they hurt you? Or is it because they miss you? Is it because they just want someones attention? WHAT IS IT?

    And you’ll never know.
    And it drives you crazy.
    And you can’t do anything about it.

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