• One Month

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    Hey baby,

    It’s really funny how just before I met you I’d finally found the strength to swear off men. Next thing I know, you come waltzing in and I can honestly say that I didn’t look at you twice. Still, something made my cheeks burn that night and my heart flutter. All it took was you coming over to say hello, and my best friend seeing the way we looked at each other, and I knew I was done for. Of course I played it cool, and kept my walls up and tightly wrapped around me… but in the end, everyone saw it through-out the night. I haven’t sat there and talked to anyone for as long as we talked in years.

    It took so much work, and so much pushing and pulling, tears and frustration to get you to see me. To really see me standing right in front of you, begging you to take advantage of the love I was offering. You can’t just pull that kind of chemistry out of a hat and say ‘Presto!’, and not expect a person to jump on it. In the end though, you saw things my way, and look where we are now. It’s been an entire month, and oh God, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before in my life.

    It’s been one month of non-stop talking from like twelve at night to eight in the morning. A month of chickfila, and movies, and Milledgeville. Of copious amounts of alcohol, and opening you heart up to me and me opening mine up to you. Of video games, crazy-amazing sexy time, and me fitting perfectly in the crook of your arm.

    I never thought I’d find someone who would love me like you do. Who would make me smile, and who would send me good morning texts, and tell me good night every night before I got to bed. Those little things always mean so much, and you see that. I don’t know if this will last forever, or if we’ll just end up being a lesson or stepping stone for one another. What I do know though, is that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and I can’t wait for every other month we reach together. I love you, truly and honestly.

    Your woman<3

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